K and Co

If you’re looking to shop for netbooks, a good place we can recommend is K and Co. K and Co offers netbook and other electronics under financing for consumers with bad credit, so you don’t need to worry if you’re going to get accepted or not. They offer many products on different brands, but the most popular is their deal on Asus Eee PC 10.1 inch netbook. With their interest-free, weekly instalments, you’ll only have to pay £4.12 every week. Meanwhile, with their Zoostorm 10.1 inch netbook, you’ll only have to pay £6.13, still on an interest-free agreement.

Netbooks are preferred by many, especially by students and professionals who travel a lot because they are compact and portable. While they may not better the performance of a high-spec laptop, they are not necessarily a great deal behind. Many prefer just having a tablet or a smartphone, but netbooks obviously beat these gadgets in terms of functionality. Let’s face it that there are tasks you won’t be able to accomplish easily without a dedicated keyboard. Additionally, there are many netbooks today which are a cut above the rest, especially those packed with the latest Windows 8 and touchscreen technology that makes a good hybrid computer that offers the best of both worlds.