Welcome to East Side Laptops

Welcome to East Side Laptops! We are a site dedicated to helping you obtain contract laptops, even if you have poor credit rating. You don’t need to rely on no credit check schemes, because we are here to show you legitimate ways to get approved for affordable contract deals, despite your past credit problems.

In this day and age, it’s hard to get by without these portable computers. From compact netbooks to full-pledged laptops, these devices can help you accomplish tasks on the go, keep you connected to friends and families, and offer you various forms of entertainment, like music, videos, and games. Needless to say, living without one is simply unimaginable, especially in this world today where technology has almost taken over everything.

While you may find budget laptops everywhere, they may not have the exact specs that you will need for a specific task. If you need a laptop for work-related stuff, for instance, you must spend on state-of-the-art laptop technology. Unfortunately, laptops that offer the most enhanced hardware and software systems obviously have a higher price tag, which not everyone can afford to purchase outright.

However, if you have bad credit, you might be worried about getting approved, so you might possibly be looking for a no credit check deal. But the truth is, contract laptops no credit check are non-existent, because companies will still want to know the financial backgrounds of their applicants. Still, the credit check processes involved are not that stringent as those performed when applying for a mobile contract or a credit card. That said, you can qualify for contract laptops, even with less than perfect credit. And that’s where we come in! We provide you with real guides and lead you to places where you can get your next new laptop, without worrying about rejection!

What are the Benefits of Contract Laptops?

If you are able to land a pay monthly laptop deal, you may find a number of benefits associated with it. First, you can enjoy the subsidised payment scheme for something that you wouldn’t be able to purchase in cash otherwise. If you’re struggling, you can pay a little over the minimum, so that you can still reduce the principal balance over the long haul while avoiding late payment penalties. But of course, we don’t advise you relying on minimum payments.

Second, these contract laptops let you enjoy some perks such as a full warranty, free delivery, bonuses, etc.

Lastly, obtaining a contract laptop can help improve your damaged credit, or build your credit if you haven’t started yet. If you show responsible behaviour with your payments, this can help you qualify for more costly purchases in the future.

How to Obtain Contract Laptops with Bad Credit?

Again, getting a contract laptop even with bad credit shouldn’t be that hard. You just have to know the right places to look for, and the things that you need. The following tips can help you obtain a pay monthly laptop easily, no matter what your credit says.

Inquire from Your Employer

There are some companies that provide free desktop PC’s or laptops for their employees, and many of them do not require that you use computers in the workplace. All it takes is for you to inquire about the incentives that might be available.

Search Computer Clubs

Computer clubs are those businesses that provide financing services for computers and laptops to those with poor credit. Because they are created specifically for this purpose, computer clubs have very minimal credit check requirements, and typically only look into the individual’s income and employment stability.

Apply for Store Cards

Some retailers offer store cards to purchase items from their stores. While these cards are different from Visa, Master Card, or other international cards, but you can take advantage of the credit issued in order to avail your laptop from this specific store. Please be reminded that these cards don’t exactly have the friendliest rates, but they can help you with immediate purchases and establish your credit as well.

Consider Budget Netbooks

Netbooks are small, cute, ultraportable, and most importantly, cheap. They can deliver excellently when you only need to type, research, and stay connected on the go. Unless you perform more demanding tasks such as graphic design or web development all the time, netbooks are usually sufficient to assist you with basic computing needs.